What’s So good about storage Heaters?

What’s So good about storage Heaters?

What’s the best way to warm your home when the temperature drops, frost appears on the lawn and the chilly winds begin to blow? If you’re the kind of person who prefers to keep the room temperature at a cosy 24 degrees during the winter but can’t afford to heat your entire house like that, read on.

Any heater can keep a room of your house warm. There are many to choose from, gas heaters , electric, infra red, wood fires and reverse cycle air conditioning. However as soon as you turn any of these off, you’re cold again very quickly. The most comfortable heating should keep your room warm all the time. Hydronic under floor heating can do that, but it’s expensive to install and needs regular and costly maintenance.

Constant warmth

Many owners claim that storage heating is as comfortable as hydronic heating. They say the constant warmth emitted from a storage heater eventually brings everything in the room up to a comfortable temperature. So furniture, bench tops, walls and floors are never very cold to touch. Heatpac storage heaters also have very smart “learning” controls that can be set to suit the owner’s lifestyle and predict the daily heating needs automatically. Constant comfort, day and night.

Lowest running costs

Like off peak electric hot water systems, storage heaters use the lower cost off peak electricity from the grid. But they can heat all day every day. Even better, they can make use of free rooftop solar power to reduce operating costs even more. Studies have shown this means they are less expensive to operate than any other electric heater and less expensive than gas.  Major money, and energy savings!

Solar & Renewable Energy

Many power companies now offer renewable and carbon neutral electricity at very affordable rates. Storage heaters are ideal for this type of power as they can take up any surplus from the grid when it is most abundant and at an affordable rate. For those with rooftop solar, they can also assist with voltage spikes, instability in the grid and reduce the chance of feed in tax penalties for over supply. 

Heating Capacity

Packed with Power, storage heaters can even replace large gas heaters in living spaces where conventional electric heaters are unable to be used due to the 10 amp power restrictions through a power point.

Why should I buy one?

Silent operation, lots of safety features, no risk of gas poisoning, no maintenance cost and easy installation make them a great alternative to conventional electric, gas and wood heating.

Storage heaters are built to last, many have been in service for 20 or 30 years. They are a great long term investment that will pay for themselves in energy savings and can make use of clean solar and renewable power. The all-electric home is the future and storage heating has a big part to play.

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