Heatwave Large Capacity Storage Heater – Fan assisted

This is our amazing Heatwave Solar Storage Heating System. A first for Australia, it allows owners with Rooftop Solar to heat larger spaces and reduce heating costs using free energy from the sun. And when there’s not enough sun, it uses cheaper off peak power to top up so you are never cold.  Designed for a larger living spaces and to reap the benefits of bigger rooftop solar systems.

It is able to heat the room up quickly and has more capacity for larger areas. Suits homes where the occupants are away during the day and need instant warmth before and after work, for example. An ideal replacement for gas heaters in living rooms.

The Heatwave heater uses a low noise fan to deliver the heat from the core of the heater to the room.  The fan cycles on and off to meet the room heating loads based on the wall thermostat set point. (It will let some heat migrate into the room even when the fan is off, but mostly relies on the fan to maintain the room warmth).

The Heatwave system requires external controls to manage the power input and also the room temperature. A range of Heatpac accessories are available for these functions. Alternatively, customers may prefer to use controls provided by the solar installer, such as appliance management accessories.  Customers may also choose their own room controller such as a Google Nest ™ thermostat or a Smart Home automation product. We can advise on the suitability of all 3rd party controls.

Ideal for larger living areas, offices, cabins, school rooms, apartments, B&Bs.

Reap the benefits of your rooftop solar investment. In many parts of Australia heating represent 40% of household energy costs. With the high uptake of rooftop solar across Australia, why not save energy by directing some of the energy directly into heating? With a much lower cost than storage batteries the Heatwave solar heating system uses advanced digital controls to manage the production, storage and distribution of heat into the home 24 hours a day.

Households equipped with rooftop solar produce energy during daylight hours that may not be fully used in the home. Redirect to the Heatwave thermal storage unit to heat the home, even when solar energy production has stopped.

If you have solar now, or think you may get it, this is the heating system for you.

All Heatpac storage heaters have a very dense ceramic core that is heated by resistive elements whenever power is available. Just like an off peak hot water storage tank is able to provide hot water for later use, the heater can deliver heat to a room for hours after the power supply has stopped charging the core. This enables the owner to save money by programming the best times during the day to draw power from the grid when it is cheaper or use rooftop solar power if available to charge the heater.

Redirecting and storing solar energy on-site makes more economic sense than selling it cheaply back into the grid and then buying it back during peak tariff periods when the maximum level of daily heating energy is usually required.

If there is not enough solar energy available from the rooftop because of your system size or cloudy weather, the Heatwave system can use lower cost off-peak electricity to top up the thermal storage unit if required. The Heatwave Solar Power Controller* accessory can automatically direct any excess solar power to the heater once the normal household demands are met. This occurs before any export so the heater can be charged to save heat for later use. (Made in Australia by Catchpower)

Features of Heatwave Solar Heaters

  • Large 32kWh Thermal energy cell stores heating energy for usage on demand.
  • Quiet, low energy inbuilt fan for rapid and efficient heat circulation.
  • Larger capacity than standard units to maximise Solar storage input.
  • Designed to collect Rooftop Solar power for heating, stored for future use.
  • Top up with lower cost off peak power from the grid. Controlled load Off-Peak or Time-of- Use supply required.
  • Provides reliable heat on demand, 24 hours a day.
  • Smart indoor controller manages precise control over the released heat.
  • Single phase 240V power supply.
Reduce your heating costs by

Up to 50%

  • Increase the value of your home!
  • Protect against rising energy costs
  • No money down, take advantage of our finance options

Solar Storage Heater Specs

  • 4,355 Watts of thermal output
  • Suitable for rooms up to 90m2
  • 32kWh of stored energy
  • Dimensions 99L x 24D x 66H, Weight is 215 kg

Heatboss and Heatwave storage heaters are manufactured to comply with Australian electrical safety regulations by Elnur Gabarron, a leading European manufacturer established for over 40 years and meet ISO Quality and Environmental Control standards. Please note the European equipment has been tested and modified to comply with Australian and NZ Standards. Heatboss and Heatwave equipment must not be substituted with unregistered imported products.