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This type of heater will typically cost you $2.04 an hour to heat a large room. And you will need two of them...

Inexpensive to purchase from any appliance store and you can just plug it in. However it will cost you a lot of money to keep warm and your high power bills may come as a shock. We supply much better heaters than these, read on...

This heater will heat the same size large room and only cost $0.59 an hour to keep you cosy.

This is our incredible smart heater. It works with your smart meter or off peak electricity to reduce your power bills for heating.  It's easy to use, safe and looks great and will quickly pay for itself by saving you money. If you have a smart meter or an off peak power supply (most home owners do), this is the heater for you!

This heater will heat the same size room as the others, and could cost you $0.00 an hour to operate. That's right, no electricity charges to heat your large rooms.

This is our unique solar heater. If you have roof top solar power or think you may install some time soon, this is the heater for you. It can use any spare solar energy that your system produces to make free heat for your home. It's true, free heating!

Smarter heating is here!

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