Power Packed Solar Storage Heating

Our  Smart Storage Heating systems are super efficient, reliable and make use of solar and off peak energy to save you money. 

Most electric heaters are quite inexpensive to purchase from any appliance store and you can just plug them in. However they can cost you a lot of money to keep warm, only suit small rooms and your high power bills may come as a shock.  Gas Heaters can have high installation costs and need servicing every 2 years for safety. We supply much Smarter Storage Heaters, they're efficient and require no specialised maintenance, read on...


This heating system will heat a large room using lower cost off peak power to keep you cosy all day and night.

This is our incredible Heatboss smart heating system. It works with your smart meter or off peak electricity to reduce your power bills for heating.  It's easy to use, safe and looks great and will quickly pay for itself by saving you money. If you have a smart meter or an off peak power supply (most home owners do), this is the heater for you!

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This heating system will heat a large room quickly, keep it toasty warm all day and night using rooftop solar electricity or off peak power.

This is our unique Heatwave solar heating system. If you have roof top solar power or think you may install some time soon, this is the heater for you. It can use any spare solar energy that your system produces to make free heat for your home. It's true, free heating!

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