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Our Smart Storage Heating systems are super efficient, reliable and make use of solar and off peak energy to save you money.

Heatpac is Different

Most electric heaters are quite inexpensive to purchase from any appliance store and you can just plug them in. However they can cost you a lot of money to keep warm, only suit small rooms and your high power bills may come as a shock. Gas Heaters and Air Con can have high installation costs and should be serviced every 2 years for safety and performance. We supply much Smarter Storage Heaters, they’re efficient and can be powered by affordable off peak, renewable and rooftop solar energy.

Heatpac is Smart

Packed with Power, all our heaters have a very dense ceramic core to collect and retain heat. High performance insulation contains the heat for days until required to heat the room. Clever electronic controls manage how much power to store and how much to release to keep your room at its most comfortable, without costing the earth.

Heatpac is Quality

The Heatpac range is manufactured in Europe with high quality materials and workmanship, so you can count on long term reliability and performance. Stylish, well made and with minimal parts, Heatpac heaters will deliver affordable comfort for years to come.

Power Packed Solar and Smart Storage Heating


High Storage Capacity for Larger Rooms – External Controls

This is our unique Heatwave solar heating system. If you have a larger living space and plenty of roof top solar power, this is the heater for you.  With large storage capacity it can use solar energy that your system produces to make free heat for your home.  It can top up with off peak power and the inbuilt fan will provide comfy instant heat for larger living spaces.


Smart Storage Heater available in 3 sizes – Built in Controls

This is our incredible Heatboss smart heating system. It works with your smart meter or off peak electricity to reduce your power bills for heating. It can also capture rooftop solar energy to reduce heating costs even more. It’s easy to use, safe and looks great and will quickly pay for itself by saving you money.


If you need help selecting the right heater for your home, then we’re just a phone call away! We’ll assist by working out how much heating requirements each of the spaces in your home need and then confirming the tariff rates on your electricty bill to make sure you get the perfect heater for comfort and efficiency.

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Heatboss and Heatwave storage heaters are manufactured to comply with Australian electrical safety regulations by Elnur Gabarron, a leading European manufacturer established for over 40 years and meet ISO Quality and Environmental Control standards. Please note the European equipment has been tested and modified to comply with Australian and NZ Standards. Heatboss and Heatwave equipment must not be substituted with unregistered imported products.