Heatboss Smart Storage Heating – Silent Convection Heating

Our incredibly Smart Off Peak Heating System can be programmed to store heat during the cheapest off peak power periods.

Provides more constant warmth day and night. So if you are occupying the house as your full time residence, or are home during the day, the Heatboss range delivers cosy background heat for longer.

The controls are all built-in and a daily charge period can be set to work with either “time of use -smart meter” or “controlled load” off peak power.

Solar as well! Heatboss has a second daily charging period available that can use your peak solar production times if you have solar panels and a smart meter. You can then adjust amount of daily charge based on your house Solar PV usage. Optimise the solar energy going into the heater and top up overnight with lower cost “time-of-use’ power from the grid.

All Heatpac storage heaters have a very dense ceramic core that is heated by resistive elements whenever power is available.

Great for bedrooms, office and smaller living areas.

Heatboss std with panel


Using Heatboss’s IEM (Integral Energy Manager) system, the system is able to determine the amount of charge required based on how often the backup heater is used. Using this data, your heaters will continue to adjust their charge on a daily basis to ensure you’re never using more energy than is required.


The digital programmer allows you to set a comfort, economy or anti-frost temperature for every hour of the day so your heating will always perfectly match your lifestyle and ensure your running costs are kept low. It can also be used in manual override mode which will maintain a constant set temperature all day.


An optional WiFi hub and mobile APP gives you access to full programming features as well as comprehensive information on your energy usage. Up to 31 heating units can be linked to one WiFi Hub. It’s an invaluable tool for housing associations, student accommodation and privately let properties where landlords want responsive control over their heating systems.


With the app’s in-built geolocation feature, your heating system can detect when you’re getting close to home and will pre-heat your rooms so they’re warm and inviting the moment you step through the door. And if that wasn’t enough, you can also adjust your Heatboss storage heaters using Amazon Alexa voice control.


The Heatboss system incorporates smart features such as an open window detection to shut off the backup heater to prevent wasting energy, and other features like adatpive start that learns how long it takes to get your rooms to the set temperature, then start pre-heating accordingly to ensure rooms are warm when you want them to be.


Precision digital thermostat which prevents your spaces from being over or underheated. In the event the natural convection from the heater isn’t enough to keep your room warm, the Heatboss range also includes a backup heater to provide an extra boost of heat if you run out of charge. You’ll never be caught short during the evenings with this handy feature, which can also be configured to run for a restricted amount of time to save energy.

To maximise the energy-saving potential of your system, Heatboss storage heaters can be used with an optional WiFi Hub accessory to unlock their WiFi control capabilities. By connecting the WiFi Hub to your home router, your Heatboss system can be managed over the internet using the WiFi app installed on a compatible mobile device. The app doesn’t just give you access to full programming features while you’re on the move – it also offers comprehensive information on your energy usage so you can identify even more ways to save money. Using the app, you can switch your heaters on and off remotely whenever you’re away from home, adjust your set temperatures and even monitor how much energy your system uses on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.


Heatboss 1.5

Input 240V = 1,062 Watts
Supplementary = 490 Watts
Stored Energy = 7.4 kWh
Dimensions = 55L x 18D x 73H
Weight = 59 kg

Heatboss 2

Input 240V = 1,415 Watts
Supplementary = 600 Watts
Stored Energy = 9.9 kWh
Dimensions = 66L x 18D x 77H
Weight = 77 kg

Heatboss 4

Input 240V = 2,831 Watts
Supplementary = 1,200 Watts
Stored Energy = 19.8 kWh
Dimensions = 111L x 18D x 73H
Weight = 147 kg

Heatboss and Heatwave storage heaters are manufactured to comply with Australian electrical safety regulations by Elnur Gabarron, a leading European manufacturer established for over 40 years and meet ISO Quality and Environmental Control standards. Please note the European equipment has been tested and modified to comply with Australian and NZ Standards. Heatboss and Heatwave equipment must not be substituted with unregistered imported products.