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How do they work?
Do I need rooftop solar?
What size do I need for my room?
I am off grid, will these work for me?
I am pretty handy, can I install it myself?
Can I move the heater from room to room?
Where do I buy them?
Where are they made?
How much will it cost to operate each day?
Should I replace my gas or wood heater or air conditioner?
Is this a reliable product and what about warranty and spare parts if I need help?

How do I decide if I need a Heatboss or a Heatwave model?

We can help you decide the perfect heater for your room, so please ask if you’re not sure. The following descriptions should help you decide where to start.


Convection heater provides constant gentle warmth without a fan. Available in three sizes.

Many owners claim that storage heating is as comfortable as hydronic heating. They say the constant warmth emitted from a storage heater eventually brings everything in the room up to a comfortable temperature. After a day or so, furniture, bench tops, walls and floors are never very cold to touch. So if you are occupying the house as your full time residence, or are home during the day, this is going to provide comfort for longer periods.

Heatboss controls are all built-in and it can work with rooftop solar, “time of use -smart meter” or off-peak power. It has 2 daily charging periods that can use off peak energy to charge and then top up during peak solar production times if you have solar panels. It automatically adjusts the amount of “charge” depending on the previous few days’ usage, so you never use more power than you need.

This silent, cosy heater is great for bedrooms, offices and smaller living areas.

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Fan assisted heater, background warmth with instant heat boost when you need it. One size only.

It can heat the room up quickly and has more storage capacity for larger areas. Suits homes where the occupants are away during the day and need instant warmth before and after work, for example.

The Heatwave uses a low noise fan to deliver the heat from the core of the heater to the room. The fan cycles on and off to meet the room heating loads based on the wall thermostat set point. (It will let some heat migrate into the room even when the fan is off, but mostly relies on the fan to maintain the room warmth).

It is designed for larger spaces and can work with off peak and larger solar systems. As a guide a rooftop power system of 5 kW PV or more would be a useful size to reduce heating costs with one of these. It uses external controls to manage the room temp and charging times. There is only one size Heatwave unit and it can use a Solar Diverter (eg Catchpower Green), or a daily timer to charge it up. To manage the room temperature, we offer smart temperature controllers, but you could also use something like Google Nest or a home automation product.

Perfect for larger living areas, offices, cabins, school rooms, apartments.

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