Heat your home all day and night, it’s 100% renewable and you don’t need rooftop solar!

Many existing homes across Australia are connected to gas for heating and other appliances, so it’s been a popular choice in the past, there’s no denying it. What about the future? A recent report from the Alternative Energy Association suggests that All-electric solar homes can save thousands over gas. ( source: .

Most Australian homes use more energy for heating than cooling and this can account for about 40% of your energy use, so heating your home more efficiently can certainly help save you energy costs. (source :

In Australia with over 20% of homes now equipped with rooftop solar we are in a good position to reduce household energy costs by using more electric appliances in the home.

What if I don’t have rooftop solar?

For those without rooftop solar you can also benefit from Solar and Wind energy during times of the day when it is most affordable. 

Energy Companies such as IO Energy ( and OVO Energy ( are offering 100% renewable energy at historically low wholesale prices during the day, some plans even with free energy!  Combine this power source with the latest thermal storage heaters from Europe and you have a very affordable and green alternative to gas heating in winter. But wait there’s more! In summer you can divert the same energy to heat your hot water or run your pool pump. All for much less than the cost of the average home Storage battery system.

Why switch from gas to electric?

With all this renewable energy available at low cost, it makes sense right now to consider making the switch from gas to electric heating.

For a long time, gas has come out on top because it was cheap to buy and because we are familiar with it to a point where we have become reliant, but gas is no longer the desired way of the future. We are calling for our country to reduce our emissions, it is time to start making changes. As one of the biggest contributors to those emissions, the age of gas heating may be nearing its end.

This is why we are looking into alternatives, with electric storage leading the way. Electric heating that is capable of storing renewable energy is better for the environment, easy to install, virtually maintenance-free and allows for individual programming, so you can adjust the temperature room by room depending on your needs. It is versatile, cost-effective and efficient, making it the ideal alternative to keeping your home warm. The  leading supplier of these types of storage heating systems at the moment in Australia is Heatpac  –

How easy is it to make the switch?

You’ll want to avoid any potential hassle whenever you can, who doesn’t?  To disconnect completely and save the daily supply charges from your gas provider, you will need to contact a qualified gas plumber who can decommission your gas system and then remove the existing meter, pipes and flues if necessary.

Once this is done you can then move on to the easy part – fitting your electric storage radiators. With straightforward installation options there is no need to fit pipes or flues and a professional can simply connect your heaters to the mains. Electric heating can be fitted throughout a property, from bathroom to bedroom to kitchen, with different designs to fit all interiors.

Plus, very little maintenance is required, with only a casual dusting needed every now and again to keep everything in tip-top condition. So really, making the switch to electric isn’t as difficult as you might think.

What are the benefits?

There are a number of benefits when it comes to switching from gas to electric heating with the most obvious being energy-efficiency. As we source more green energy from renewables, electric is becoming much better for the environment than gas, plus it is also safer to use as there is no risk of any carbon monoxide leaks. For this reason, electric heating has no need for annual checks and callouts which will ultimately save you money in the long run.

It also doesn’t cost a fortune to repair electric heating like it does with gas and if one of your heaters happens to fail, the rest of your system will be fine, ensuring your home remains warm whilst you wait for any repairs to be carried out. Electric allows you to control your heaters individually, so you can turn them off in rooms you do not use as often and keep them on in more frequented areas of the home. Again, this will see you saving on costs and energy, reducing your waste and increasing the efficiency of your property as a whole.

Is electric storage heating as effective as gas or air conditioning?

Electric storage heating can produce the same level of effective heat as gas or air conditioning but takes it one step further by using advanced controls to buy electricity at the lowest rate. Air conditioning for heating is usually required during early morning and early evenings when it is least efficient because the outside air temperatures are low and they need more electrical energy to heat and that’s the time most power companies charge the highest rate for electricity.

Electric storage heating provides more comfortable warmth than air conditioning because it is produced through a combination of radiation and gentle convection, heating the air as well as nearby objects and people directly. You feel the effect of this heat in minutes at the press of a button or a turn of a dial.

Modern electric radiators now come with precision thermostats to give the most accurate temperature, and WiFi Control for sophisticated programming, allowing you to set a heating schedule to suit your lifestyle that you can adjust even when you’re out and about. They also offer further energy-saving features such as adaptive start and open window detection.

By making the switch from gas to electric storage heating, you’re not only doing yourself a favour, but the planet as well. As an eco-friendly upgrade, electric is the perfect alternative when it comes to choosing a new heating system, so why not make the switch sooner rather than later and get ahead of the game?

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