Is there an electric heater that’s as good as gas?

Yes there is, but you won’t find it at your appliance store. The reason is that electric heaters from your local store are all plug in heaters that have limited heating output and are really only suitable for bedrooms and very small living areas. And yes you can buy gas heaters that will warm much larger areas, but they should be serviced regularly as per manufacturer’s recommendations for safe operation. On top of that, gas is getting more and more expensive to use and the connection costs can be very high as well if it’s not already installed in your home.

So how can I get great heating at a fair cost? Well you may already have the answer sitting in your home and it’s been around for years. Off-Peak power is available to every household and has been powering many family hot water systems for years, saving power costs every day and needing very little maintenance.

That same energy is now available to heat your home as well!

You see there’s a pattern to how we as consumers use energy. High energy use times are typically weekday mornings, afternoons and evenings and that is when heating needs to be available in colder months.

Reducing energy use at peak times is called load shifting and energy authorities want us all to try to “load shift” in order to reduce electricity costs. Load shifting will reduce costs in the home by limiting the use of higher energy appliances during those times in the day when power is most expensive.

So much like a battery stores electricity, HEATPAC “load shifts” by using an inbuilt computer to decide when to store heat in a core of ceramic blocks during the cheapest supply periods, usually overnight. It then carefully releases that thermal energy for cosy room heating all day.

The HEATPAC storage heating system stores up to 32kWh of usable energy which is higher than the average solar storage battery, but generally costs much less. Also, because of Heatpac’s intelligent control systems, it’s also more energy efficient than other standard electric heating systems.

If you have rooftop solar power, even better! All HEATPAC systems can also be programmed to use rooftop power when available and top up using off peak energy from the grid, saving even more money.

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