The Heatpac solar heating system uses advanced digital controls to manage the production, storage and distribution of heat into the home 24 hours a day. Households equipped with rooftop solar produce energy during daylight hours that may not be fully used in the home.

This electric energy may be exported to the grid, stored in batteries or it can be redirected to the Heatpac thermal storage unit to heat the home, even when solar energy production has stopped.

On average, heating and cooling accounts for approximately 40% of household energy use*, making it the largest energy user in the average Australian home, followed by hot water. Redirecting and storing energy on-site makes more economic sense than selling it cheaply back into the grid and then buying it back during peak tariff periods when the maximum level of daily heating energy is usually required.

If there is not enough solar energy available from the rooftop because of cloudy weather, the Heatpac system will automatically use off-peak electricity to top up the Heatpac thermal storage unit if required.

The Heatpac controller is an intelligent learning device that manages both the heating and solar supply levels over time, constantly making adjustments to the solar and heat delivery to minimize energy waste without compromising comfort.

With all this intelligent control working hard to save energy, the system is actually designed to be as simple to use as possible, set and forget, making it so easy for any solar household to minimize its heating costs effortlessly.

The solar heater is suitable for small homes and larger living areas up to 90m2 depending on the building energy efficiency and location.


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