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HEATPAC is offering dealer/installer licenses across NSW and the ACT for a unique, energy efficient heating system due for release in the next few months. 

Ideal for small electrical or solar tradespeople wanting a unique business.


This opportunity would suit any licensed electrical tradesperson, or those with technical skills prepared to engage the services of licensed electrical tradespeople for installations.

What does HEATPAC provide?


With nearly 2 million rooftop solar systems in Australia and Smart Meters being rolled out in new homes, the HEATPAC heating system is designed to work with all lower cost electrical sources, delivering affordable heat into any residential property.

Your skills are valuable, here's why HEATPAC should be for you.


Because the systems are hard wired and need to be safely connected to comply with Australian electrical standards, they must be installed by licensed electrical tradespeople. A HEATPAC dealership will therefore suit electricians wanting to expand their own business into the heating industry with low capital investment and no plumbing or refrigeration license required. It would equally suit those with a solar industry, trade or technical background with an interest in low energy heating solutions that can benefit every home owner. 

What will it cost?


Licensed dealerships with exclusivity will be offered across NSW & ACT on a first come first served basis to those who meet the HEATPAC licensing criteria. The cost of a license is calculated on the number of households in the area to be serviced but is expected to start at around $10,000 for many license areas (this includes supply of starter stock of heaters and controllers). A Heatpac dealership allows you to build on your existing work providing a valuable additional income stream.



Expressions of interest are invited from all parties briefly indicating:

· Contact name/s 

· Business name (if any)

· Email address

· Website (if any)

· Location of business / Proposed dealership area eg Post Codes

· Years in business or in related work

· Relevant experience and any other relevant information we should consider

All expressions of interest will be treated in strictest confidence and should be sent to:

Solar Heater - Smart Heater